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The darkness is my friend,
I embrace it
and drink its poison.
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The end
If I die here and now,
lonesome in my room,
that will be it how;
I accept my doom.
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I saw it was wrong,
I told you it was wrong,
I knew it was wrong,
And I saw it go wrong.
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God Particle
God Particle

Has thy not seen the early hallows,
Walked by some creature that follows,
Tread careful in the land ye wander,
Because who knows what lies yonder?

Never trust all you see,
If you really must,
Then you are not free;
Time to adapt and adjust.

Vision is an illusion,
Guiding the misguided,
Along where we 'belong'

Do you follow the delusion?
Have you already decided?
No matter, stay strong all along.
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Death is just another foe
Of me, just another no
Now have I have seen it
'alive' it should have been it
To him and me.
Death is our foe, you see?
In this case
Everything is in place.

Justice calls!
Although not for him,
Silently he falls,
Persistence is his' shim
Even so, this he calls;
Really deep and dim.
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Every day just feels the same,
You told me once, but I forgot the name.
It pains me to tell that I lost my senses and touch these days,
As if a bird does not fly and lay eggs in the day of May's,

Maybe I just fail to understand or to be anyone,
Because I'm apparently just a handicap of yours, everyone's,
Maybe I've given up hope like everyone tells me indirectly,
I just lost the feel of doing actions that I used to favour directly,

It just seems it would be better for everyone to end this madness,
Or to take a drastic change of life,
But it seems both are very much the same,

What I think makes me just so flabbergasted hapless,
As if I'm married to depression; my ungrateful wife,
This misery is just my own shared pain...
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Arise we shall from our ashes,
Reborn in fiery fire lashes,
We live for centuries long and burn ourselves after to conform,
As in ash we arise and thereby regain our form,

We are the ferocious phoeni,
Bred in the hot fire to die,
To reincarnate after as anew,
We shall live forever and always renew,

For we are the eternal fire,
And lit the souls,
Of the followers few,

Our way provides protection of God's ire;
Safety from our lord's controls,
With the power of a phoenix you'll pull through.
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Power of Words
Virtus verba

One who lives by the sword shall die by my word!
Trampled and overrun by the might of my horde,
We cast a shadow consistent of shrouded maroon,
Over the seas and oceans to the blue lagoon,

The shining steel casts the light of my signal,
Commanding to venture forth as a fired missile,
Obeying the orders silently shouted,
Shrouding the land as if scouted,

We reach our quest for glory,
To stop your honour in valour,
To prevent the old cliche story,

Our maroon coloured fiery fervour,
Stops your ice cold steel of victory,
Even with your fanatical endeavour.
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Third Heaven
Third Heaven

Repent, repent!
The day of judgement is nigh!
The humans weep and the angels cry.
Time to invoke the last commitment.

Pray for mercy to the merciful,
And your wish shan't be granted;
To the grateful,
And the angels' song is chanted!

God, what is your prophesy?
To reign supreme,
To suppress rebellion?

Curse your supremacy!
You reign extreme,
Over all, you hellion.
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Ending Thoughts
Ending thoughts

Why should we care,
About the lost,
Why should we fare,
The long lost past,

We look to the future,
And see the sadness,
But no suture,
Containing the madness,

We eventually die in the end,
Both human and mankind,
Fall over the cliff,

There's no last stand,
In the places we find,
Our blood turns stiff.
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Insane Vision
Insane vision

Sanity is a matter of perception,
Delusional deliriums of it,
The mind's connection;
To all, to just fit,

Insanity is the right vision,
Of the wrong mission;
Stating the illogical,
For the optical,

Know you're insane,
And you are not,
Forget it often,

And you are sane,
A mind fit for rot;
Weak and soften.
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Wild Hunt
Wild hunt

The grunt of a wild hog,
Echoes in the dense fog,
Where the hunter hunts;
Echoing the soft grunts,

The game is on,
To find the game spot on,
Tall shadows of fame,
Hunt for the game,

To kill and scavenge;
For its meat and horn,
Gaining the fame,

That is the challenge,
The challenge forlorn,
Slaying the game.
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The Void
The Void

The void is the area of despair and dismay,
No one hears your cries and wails,
No God answers your merciful pray,
Man has never lived to tell the tales;

Of the void, the empty wasteland,
Death can be found here,
Time runs like sand;
In the void nothing is to endear,

Empty sockets,
Bare stares,
The hollow hallow,

The void is as plain as pockets,
Where the only thing stashed are tears,
Yet the void remains as left fallow.
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War Fools
War Fools

Up high; the wings of glory fly,
Their piercing rounds silence the sky,
They tell the ancient tale;
Of how conquest is a fail,

The glorified wings rattle once more,
Their foes fall from the sky,
Down at the ground the artillery roars,
Soldiers readying their war cry,

Machinery shakes the ground,
Men give their last breath,
To fight, protect and serve,

Fools look around;
Seeing death,
And observe.
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Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire

I will be there,
Till death tears me apart,
Sent to hell in shards,
No burden to bear,

Don't you worry,
I'm not leaving you behind,
United by my mad mind,
We venture for glory,

Union my son,
Will help you;
our cuss,

I'll drag you along,
To just renew;
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I hear evil,
Sounds like the devil;
Words of death,
In his icecold breath,

I see evil,
Crawling like the devil,
From the crust,
With a fierce bloodlust,

But I speak no evil,
I'd bear a burden,
To tell a burden,

In the domain of the devil,
There is no iron curtain,
That is for certain.
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I design tools and applications. I build these too.
I have a passion for drawing multicoloured horses, and I'm getting better every drawing.

Probably famous somewhere else


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